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Thunderstorms 2023 - seminar


Take the mystery out of storm forecasting by learning about the dynamics of storms and the sources you can access to forecast them. This newly updated, advanced seminar goes beyond the fundamentals and into the science behind forecasting weather.


Surface weather maps depict the horizontal flow of weather systems. But understanding vertical airflow is the key to understanding and forecasting thunderstorms and severe weather. Learn the dynamics of storms and forecasting them including Skew-T plots, sounding data, weather radar and how to access storm forecasts.


The presenters include Jared Guyer – an expert storm forecaster and meteorologist with the Operations Branch at the Storm Prediction Center of the National Weather Service. He explains how the Storm Prediction Center is involved in producing storm and severe weather forecasts.

The webinar topics include:

  • A Review of Thunderstorms
  • Sounding Diagrams and Graphs
  • Weather Radar
  • Weather Forecasts and how to access them
  • The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center

A downloadable PDF Reference Guide is included for you to keep as a reference.

Delving deeper than most weather topics, this seminar contains some advanced material. If you are looking for just the fundamentals of weather, America’s Boating Club seminar Weather for Boaters may be for you.


This seminar was originally presented as a webinar in October 2023. It is an updated version of a USPS webinar presented in September 2015.



Boat Operator Certification

This seminar is required for the Boat Operator Certification level of Offshore Navigator (ON).

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