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Living Aboard While Cruising - Webinar


You may be very knowledgeable about handling your boat. But before you consider going out on the water and staying there all night or for a year, there is much to know about actually living in a small space away from land or a store or even being short another pair of hands when things have gone awry. The longer you are out on the water, the more planning is needed.

This webinar covers nine topics:

  1. How to start planning a cruise
  2. Living aboard
  3. Galley management
  4. Water management
  5. Safe weather planning
  6. Health Management
  7. Communications
  8. Money management
  9. Other considerations that you may have overlooked

Previously presented, this webinar provides a top-level overview of what you need to plan and consider to smooth out the rough spots in living aboard and set your mind at ease.

An America’s Boating Club® Webinar
Originally Broadcast November 13, 2018
Duration: 1h 03m

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