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Special holiday package


A three seminar package to supplement your boat handling skills:

  • Weather for Boaters - 2023

    Don't let bad weather ruin your day! Learn to forecast and predict the weather.
    What's included?

    • What causes weather
    • How weather systems move
    • Why winds blow
    • Why fog forms
    • What clouds tell us
    • How storms and fronts create foul weather
    • How to read weather maps
    • How to refine them using your own observations
  • All About Marine Radio

    Know how to use your VHF marine radio. You’ll need it in an emergency and for important ship-to-ship communications.
    What's included?

    • How VHF radios work and their controls
    • Using the correct channels
    • Advanced methods of communication
    • How digital selective calling (DSC) equipped radios work and their controls
  • Using Nautical Charts

    Whether you use electronic or paper charts, learn how to read them and gain the confidence for a fun and safe day on the water.
    What's included?

    • Differences between electronic and paper charts
    • What charts show navigators above the water
    • Chart information and scales 
    • What charts show navigators below the water
    • Aids to navigation
    • Latitude and longitude
    • Compass rose
    • Planning your route

Boat Operator Certification

All three of these seminars are required for the Boat Operator Certification level of Inland Navigator (IN)

Package details

Course Sessions
All About Marine Radio Online course
Using Nautical Charts Online course
Weather for Boaters 2023 Online course